Finally! Azure and “the cloud”, explained really well!

If you’re like me, you’ve heard of “the cloud” and have a vague idea of “yeah, you mean like web services, except on the Internet, I got it.”. However, then you start hearing other things like “application fabric” and I keep getting e-mails about Windows Azure and SQL Azure – but wait, are those different things?

It seems every time I try to learn more, I find a website that looks like it was created by a buzzword generator with “heterogenous business-aware data facility *this*” and “power user business intelligence ecosystem *that*”. I really don’t like when people try to make things complicated. In fact I like trying to make complicated things, less-complicated when I can.

Well, I have the answer. This site actually goes into some detail and explains (quite well, I might add) – the cloud, Windows Azure, SQL Azure, etc in the first :11 minutes of the first video. There is a whole series of videos here:

Everything you need to know about Azure as a developer

since the video is Silverlight, I can’t embed it here, but here’s the link to the first video – just watch the first :10 minutes from here:

Windows Azure Overview

With that said, now that I have a better understanding – this is really a pretty interesting proposition. If anything, this brings up a lot more questions for me, like – what do you use for a secure authentication service that works with all these technologies? How do you begin to handle authorization? I assume there won’t be one huge Active Directory hanging from the cloud where I can go check group membership?!

I guess I have more research to go, but this was an interesting start…

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