The new look of SharePoint 2010

First of all, if you’ve ever installed previous versions of SharePoint, you know how painful it’s been. It needs an extremely specific set of circumstances to install successfully. With SharePoint 2010, I was more-than-pleased that I clicked “Next” like twice I think and it installed. If you just want a single-server, simple install – the installer “just takes care of it”. Very, very, very nice!! I installed this earlier in the week and it took less than an hour, it was pretty painless!

I was interested in seeing the UI changes in the new versions. I created a sample site, a blog sub-site, and a wiki library within the top-level site. Here’s what those look like:




Now, where this starts getting interested is that first, you can now reference anchors WITHIN a wiki page – FINALLY! We use a MOSS-based wiki at work quite a bit, and this is one feature that is sorely missed. Next, what happens when I try to edit this page? Take a look at this!!


They took the look-and-feel from Office – pretty nice! This editor is WAAAAAAAAY better than the one in old WSS/MOSS, the stupid tiny little box which always messed up the formatting. This seems to be a WYSIWYG editor AND the editor area is much wider too – these are great upgrades!!

So that’s my first take on SharePoint 2010 – so far, so good!

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