Installing TFS: Part II – Summary

OK, I think I did it. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, and re-installed SharePoint, and SQL instances more times than I can count. I finally have (I think) a working setup for TFS 2010. Here’s basically what I did:

  • Installed Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
    • Created one domain service account called “TFS” that all TFS-related things will run as.
  • Installed Team Foundation Server 2010
  • Installed SQL Server 2008 Standard – default instance, and also included Reporting and Analysis services (don’t know if analysis services are needed)
  • Ran the SQL “Reporting Service Configuration Manager”
    • DELETED the auto-generated, self-signed certificates in the My store of my user account – FIRST. You know which ones to delete, because they show up in the dropdown in the “Web Service Url” tab. You will find the same subject names in your certificate store. (see Part I for more information)
    • Created a new reporting database
    • The Web Service URL and Report Manager URL now only had non-SSL addresses.
    • Otherwise – take the defaults.
  • Ran the TFS configuration wizard for a “Standard Single Server”
    • Chose to allow TFS to install and configure SharePoint
    • When I click “Verify” – everything checked out!

So that “seems” to have gotten everything installed, however there are some things that still appear to be broken. Like, once I set up a Project Collection, the “reports” link is broken, and I can’t seem to link in a “collaboration” SharePoint site.

However, with that said – source control, project and task management, and all those core features do work correctly from my workstation, as expected. I’ll dig into the SharePoint and reporting side another day.

Lastly, just FYI – with everything installed and up and running, this VM is taking up about 1.4-1.9GB of RAM just sitting there. This was even after I hit the web portal, and I checked out, then checked in a bunch of files. So, for a simple setup like this – how much RAM do you practically need? Well, I’m going to set this VM to 3GB of RAM. I only saw it spike over 2GB one time and right this minute, I’m at 1.95GB. So, if that helps…

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