The Microsoft Unity Application Block

So at work, we’re talking about which products we would need along with Visual Studio 2010. Now that we’re all doing unit testing, the need for a mocking framework and DI container now is starting to become more important.

In my research, I actually really liked the Spring .NET framework. It’s really easy to use, and is pretty intuitive. Best of all, it’s fairly mature at this point too.

However, there was the question of “Hey, what about that ‘Unity’ thing from p&p?” – good question. So, in researching that I ran across two good articles that explain the history of it, and the direction:

Dependency Injection in Libraries

Inject Some Life into Your Applications—Getting to Know the Unity Application Block

so in a nutshell, I gather that Unity is going to replace ObjectBuilder in Enterprise Library, and Unity will ultimately be merged in with Enterprise Library probably in version 5.0. That’s all well-and-fine, but I continue to struggle with the direction of Enterprise Library. It continues to get more and more complex and requires an –enormous- amount of configuration. In fact, I would argue that this is following a similar path of J2EE, which was a lesson that was already learned. It would be a shame for Microsoft to have to re-learn that for itself!

Anyhow, if you’re looking DI container frameworks – the links above give a fairly complete picture of the Unity offering from Microsoft.

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