Code Snippets in VS2008

A while ago, I started creating some snippets for things I do all the time. As a bare-minimum, here are a few I use pretty regularly:


Simply unzip the file, and put these in the following folder:

C:Users[USERNAME]DocumentsVisual Studio 2008Code SnippetsVisual C#My Code Snippets

These files include include:

propProperty – named this, so it shows up near the other “prop” snippets. This allows me to create a property with backing fields, that follows best-practices:

/// <summary>

/// Gets or sets …

/// </summary>

public string FirstName


    get { return _firstName; }

    set { _firstName = value; }

} private string _firstName;

but also, by putting the private field after the last curly brace, it allows me to roll-up the properties, and it looks like this:


so it keeps the backing field right with the property, nice-and-tidy!

exceptionProper – again, named this so it stays in the same area as “exception”. This creates a property Exception class with all the constructors and XML code comments.

unitTestClass – creates an MSTest compliant unit test class and sets up the structure properly, including XML code comments.

UnitTestMethod – creates an MSTest compliant unit test method.

unitTestExceptionConstructors – creates an MSTest compliant set of unit test methods to check the 3 public constructors that should exist for all exceptions.

I initially wanted to put this up here, so that I have them in a place where I can get to them in case I lose a hard drive. But also, these may be useful for others. So, if you think you might find these useful, feel free to download from the link above. Enjoy!

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