Twitter Bashing

If you’re like me, you have had your share of Twitter bashing by mocking: “Ohmigosh, I totally need to tweet about this!” (chuckles to self)… HOWEVER, it came up a few weeks ago that I really only disagree with the narcissistic aspect of Twitter, like – who cares what you are doing right now? Likewise, who cares what I’m doing right now? The answer is: no one.

Well, I decided not to be completely ignorant and I thought I would give Twitter an “honest go” to get empirical evidence and to find out what is good and what is bad.

It’s been a few weeks, and here’s what I’ve learned (in bullet-list form):

  • Only egotistical celebrities (and some non-celebrities) use Twitter to update you on their life (a la “I’m brushing my teeth, now.”).
  • Most people seem to use Twitter to:
    • A) Pose a question, to talk about on their website.
    • B) Announce an event or date of some sort.
    • C) Report news of some sort, or “re-tweet” something interesting (that is, you tweet a copy of something interesting you’ve found)
  • I went through the top 100 most-subscribed Twitter accounts and subscribed to ones I thought would be mildly interesting. For the most part, they are mildly interesting.
  • You need an effective way to manage and observe these twits (is that the word? 🙂 ), for which you are following.
  • You need an effective way to tweet.

Now, on the last two bullet points, I have a couple of things I found. For my desktop, I found TwitterExplorer to be very easy to use, and it exists as a Windows 7 Desktop gadget, so it’s just always in the background:


In order for Twitter to be relevant, it must be readily accessible, so this (to me) was a good alternative.

Next, for mobile, as discussed, I try to stay with the Windows Mobile phones so I can play around with software development for them, and for Windows Mobile, I found PocketTwit (screenshots are on that site). I don’t have a problem with this app – but I hate that the main screen on the phone can’t integrate with apps like this. I have probably a 1”x3” of real estate that is empty, that could be used for other apps but isn’t.

Anyhow, so that’s my bottom line on Twitter I guess. I actually can be quite useful and/or mildly interesting, and it can be more than egotistical celebrities tweeting about their trip to the grocery store!

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