Hey, it’s new technology week at my place

So I was due for a new phone. This latest round, I had a Motorola Moto Q. It has served me well, and there are some features I liked – but it has a tiny screen and the keyboard is pretty small too. Aside from that, it was been a really solid phone. I literally don’t think it’s ever dropped a call – ever. This is one of the reasons why I continue to stay with AT&T. People can say what they want, but I’ve had tremendous success with call clarity, call stability, and price/customer service/etc.
Anyhow, I ended up getting a AT&T Tilt 2 (which is really just a HTC Touch Pro 2) and so far, I’m quite happy with it. It really has two cons: 1) it’s a little on the heavy side (not nearly as bad as the first Tilt, which was like brick) and 2) it’s very difficult to do anything with it, with one hand. The whole thing is shiny and slippery with not a single sharp corner, and it’s virtually impossible to slide out the keyboard with one hand, without dropping the phone! So it’s a little annoying that you can hardly do anything with one hand and that you must use two hands to safely hold the phone without dropping it.

On the upside, there are many cool features. I’m generally pretty anti-Mac for a few reasons, however, I like the idea of a touch screen for a phone like the iPhone has. The Tilt2 is not multi-touch, but is single-touch and does support gestures (well, "flicking" – in addition to point and tap). Also, I like it has a gyro built-in so it knows it’s orientation. So when you turn the device sideways (or slide out the keyboard) – the screen turns 90 degrees. Lastly, I have used various PDA/SmartPhone’s for several years and they’ve REALLY come a long way with refining them. THe look and feel of the operating system (Windows Mobile 6.5, by the way) and the apps is very clean and many apps have a much more intuitive use of the screen real-estate. So bottom line, I really like the phone!
Also, this week my work laptop (Dell D620) was due for a lease-replacement. The new laptop is an HP EliteBook. I’m somewhat dissappointed that they didn’t get faster machines. I mean, these are dual-core and have 2GB of RAM, but so was my Dell – which I had for I think maybe 1.5 years? It seems ok, but I guess I was hoping for something more than the Toyota Camry of laptops!

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