A really great video on MVC and Linq to SQL

Jamie sent along this link:
it’s highly-entertaining and very informative. If you’re new to MVC or Linq to SQL – this is great place to start.
Also, this is the first time I’ve really looped back around to ASP.NET MVC, since it came out. I am much, much more onboard with it now. It’s come a long way. There are several facets that still don’t sit right with me, but I’m still a fan. When I say they don’t sit right – I don’t mean I’ve not gotten used to them, I mean I don’t agree with them. For example, this is still a few step backwards to having a developer write HTML and Javascript again. A lot of progress (and productivity) was made with WebForms, and this is still a pretty big step backwards. However, the fact that there are templates and that Visual Studio minimizes the amount of code you have to write, helps.
Anyhow – check out that video, it’s really quite good!!
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