What about keyboards?

First: it’s been tough-going to try to get back to a regular schedule with this blog. I’ve had 4 CLEP exams in the past 3 weeks, and I’m also taking 5 classes at school – in addition to my dayjob! Despite that, I really want to get back to a regular schedule and have some good technical posts coming up!
Anyhow – I’ve been using Dell keyboards forever because….. well, because that’s what came with my PC. Last week, I was getting so aggrevated at how a handful of keys don’t press down nicely, and how the space bar "clatters". Anyhow, I happenned to be at Radio Shack and saw some keyboards they had out, to see how they felt. After the fact, I ended up ordering a Logitech Illuminated Keyboard (see: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard/devices/4740&cl=us,en) which I got a few days ago.
About the best way I can describe this – is that it types a lot like a laptop keyboard, except that the keys feel much more solid. I also really like the illuminated keyboard too. I’m quite happy with this choice.
It dawned on me that if you are in front of a computer for many hours a day, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that you have a quality: keyboard, mouse, chair, monitor, etc? It’s a quality-of-life thing, I guess. Anyhow. I’m quite please with my whole setup now. Between my Aeron chair, this new keyboard, 24" monitor and 5-button mouse – I can enjoy my sedentary work day in comfort!
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2 comments on “What about keyboards?
  1. James says:

    Only 1 monitor? Dude, you need at least 2!


  2. Robert says:

    Well, I do have a USB "MIMO" monitor to the side for e-mail, AND the 42" LCD wall-mounted above. I use it for TV but can drag content up there too. How’s that for nerding out my office?? 🙂


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