How to write good!

You may already be familiar with:
Which is good for a laugh! But as you may know, I’m in school and have a Technical Writing DSST exam tomorrow. One of the books I got for study material is:
This is the book I’ve been looking for all my adult life! It is jam-packed with how to write anything technical (obviously). But it also includes proper usage of all KINDS of things. I’ve never really had a good source to look up, when it is appropriate to use certain syntax. For example, it covers:
  • How to use "intensifiers" like absolutely, entirely, completely, etc.
  • How to use scholarly expressions like etc, el al, i.e.
  • The book is packed with commonly misused, similar words like: allude/elude/refer, and amount vs number (amount is to be used when the quantity can’t be counted, number is used when the quantity can be counted!)
  • How to use [], (), comma, and dashes properly
  • Acronyms vs initialisms (acronyms are pronouncable like: ANSI, SQL; initialisms are pronounced by saying the letters like: HBO, USPS, and YMCA)
  • How to write documents of all sorts: resumes, acceptance letters, technical reports, e-mails, etc
  • Pretty decent overview of APA vs MLA vs IEEE style of documents
  • It also has lots and lots of little tidbits on using proper english grammar

Personally, I’ve never seen all of this in one place before. It’s like every couple of pages has somewhere where I say "Oh!! I’ve always wondered about that!"

If you are interested in learning how to write "good", or at least better – this is a really great book, go out and get it!!!

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2 comments on “How to write good!
  1. John says:

    Intensifier….intensification! LOL


  2. Robert says:

    I absolutely, entirely, and completely agree with you!! Intensifiers are unbelieveably fantastic!! 🙂


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