Am I an author – or just a writer?

So as some of you may know, I worked with Sams publishing a long time ago to develop a book about the Windows NT registry (in the late 90’s). I had a contract with Sams, but as the time went on, the page count they needed kept going up and the amount of time, was continually being brought in. This went on until it just wasn’t going to be possible to finish the book in time. I finished several hundred pages, turned it over and we mutually backed out of the contract. As far as I know, the book was never published (as in, picked up by someone else and finished).
Anyhow, I recently learned that this book, even though not published – has an ISBN and I am listed as author. See:
So the question is, is someone considered an author when you can actually point to an ISBN? Or does your book have to actually be published? I tend to think that the book would technically need to be published. I only really care because I’m pursuing another book and I wonder if I should even mention this other unfinished one – or is it just that, unfinished? If you have thoughts – leave them in the comments below, thanks!
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