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How do you annoy pretty much the entire IT organization of a company? Give them all a free book entitled "You don’t need a title to be a leader". This is a book that explains you should feel reward from your works, instead of looking for your company to "compensate you more" and "give you a promotion", for hard work!! Ugh.
ANYhow, that aside – it did have some interesting things, which I’d like to highlight. There is a section on how one stays motivated, and here are my thoughts on these points:
  • Make time to reflect – this one is huge, for me. Unless you can put the past and future into perspective, it’s easy to lose sight of goals. When I worked in downtown, my bus-ride in used to be this for me. Nowadays, I have to make time for this.
  • Remember to dream – this is huge too, for me. We’re not much without our goals and dreams!
  • Mirror those who are successful around you – obvious one.
  • Retreat to advance – in the book, they talk about taking at least one day, at least once per year where you have no distractions, to re-evaluate your life, goals, progress, etc. I would argue this should be done much more often.
  • Mentor someone – I’ve been lucky enough to be in this position for a few years now. Not only is it enjoyable to help others, I find that I learn a lot from mentoring, including patience, and often a better understanding of whatever it is I’m trying to teach!
  • Enjoy the journey – be grateful for what you have. Again, to keep things in perspective. If that doesn’t work, tell your problems to a homeless person – maybe that will help!
  • Live like a victor, not a victim – when things go wrong, focus on how to make them better! Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it / what we do about it!
  • Search for the pony – they had this story about two twin boys, where one grew up with a very negative attitude and the other with a positive attitude. On Christmas morning, the parents tried an experiment. The negative boy opened all of his fantastic gifts, but was disappointed with them all. The positive boy open up a box full of horse manure, and became ecstatic!! His parents asked why he would be so ecstatic over a box of manure, especially since the twin brother got all those great gifts – and the boy responded that with this much horse manure, a pony must be around there somewhere! So again, it’s all about perspective! 🙂

Although I still resent that they gave us this book, it’s got some decent tidbits of info!

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