Self-efficacy and flow

So I was reading the diary of that guy who killed all those people in that gym in PA yesterday, and he mentioned about not feeling self-efficatious (is that how you say that?)
So, I looked that up and ran across the concept of "flow" on wikipedia. They have his awesome graphic:

So how is this computer-related? Well, the mass-murderer was a .NET Duh-veloper – which sucks, because that’s all Microsoft needs, is more bad press! Ok, sorry. Anyhow, I thought the graphic above was very smart – it’s a good visual way to evaluate challenges that come before.

And on the topic of self-efficacy, I find that I very much subscribe to that concept. I am under the impression that just about anything is acheivable, you just need a plan, and motivation. In fact, I don’t really, fully understand the concept of NOT thinking that way. Even if that way of thinking was an option, and if my way of thinking is ignorant – I’d rather live, pursuing my goals, even if they truly aren’t attainable to me.

Bottom line is, that very tragic story was about a guy who had a very skewed perspective on life, very skewed. Not only were his problems "fixable", his worst days of having a $250K net worth, is better than many people’s best day! Imagine being a paraplegic, reading about this guys "woes". Or someone who is blind or deaf, learning of the "tragedy" that was his life. Or the classic expresison: "tell your problems to a homeless person"!

My point is that in life, it’s amazing to me, how much affect simply getting a different perspective can change everything. If applies at these life-and-death levels as well as to the little things in life. So this, to me, is just a little reminder to keep a level perspective – because that’s viewport to the world!

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