Every IT person needs to see this movie…

It’s called "Revolution OS" (2002) – see: IMDB or NetFlix
Why do you need to see it? Because there are two philosophies in computing: proprietary vs. open. The guy ultimately behind every open system (Linux, GNU, open source, etc) is Richard Stallman. To me, when you sign up on that side of the fence, his philosophy is what you are embracing.
What’s ironic to me, is this movie (I believe) was meant to be a slam against Microsoft and Windows (circa 2002), but it ends up being quite revealing about the philosophy behind Unix, Linux, Java, GNU, open source, etc. After now having a more complete picture, it’s quite amazing to me that corporations even acknowledge Linux (especially) and have anything to do with a GNU license! I mean, this is literally the software version of communism and niavity!! I mean Stallman is the guy who, when they first implemented passwords at M.I.T., he said that was the beginning of the end, and sent a mass-email to everyone suggesting they set their password to an empty string. For years, he bragged that 20% of the users did it. He beleives all information should be available to all people, and anyone should be able to modify any software, for any reason.
Seriously, if you have some time, go watch some of his videos. So fans of open source, linux, etc – this is your fearless leader!!!
And you might ask, "well, how might you make money in that kind of industry?" – the answer is: purely from support. So what is now the Linux model. So you can download and modify the OS, and use open-source software that was written with varying levels of quality, and if you get stuck, you can pay a zillion dollars to Red Hat or some other company, to help you out. That’s the model.
I understand that there are many times conflicting philosophies in the computing world, but this concept should’ve really just stayed at the academic level. How are companies expected to run a business like this? Again, it’s an extremely informative (and damning) movie about GNU, Linux, and the origins of open source. It’s definitely worth a watch!
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One comment on “Every IT person needs to see this movie…
  1. Steve says:

    I’m sorry to see you so entrenched on the dark side. One day you will see the light. 🙂


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