Multi-touch update – 4/24 (hardware comparison)

So as discussed, there are only a couple of options for multi-touch hardware. So, I ended up picking up an HP TouchSmart TX2Z. As you may know, I am apparently pretty brand-loyal to Dell. For no other reason really, than they seem to have great hardware for the cheapest, and they have great customer support.

Currently for home-use, I have a Dell Studio 15 which is dare-I-say, the best laptop that exists within a reasonably price range. Some notable things about it:

  • Very well-built/high quality feel, like the IBM ThinkPad’s of the olden days
  • Integrated webcam
  • Integrated fingerprint reader (which I now, can’t live without)
  • Backlit keyboard – which, once you use this, it’s tough to go without
  • 7200 RPM drive – more on this below
  • Very snappy feel – seems like a fast computer

So, when i compare that to the TouchSmart, I regret not getting the fingerprint reader and having no backlit keyboard is kind of pain too. But the biggest thing, is the 5400 rpm drive. I didn’t really pay much attention to this until I saw it with my own eyes!

Throughout the years, there has always been some bottleneck – that is, the thing in the computer that is the slowest part, which determines the percieved speed of the computer. First it was CPU’s, then RAM, then hard drives. Drives continue to be the bottleneck even nowadays. But maybe it was just me? Maybe I just “think” the computer is slow? Well, first, I didn’t realize the TouchSmart had a slow drive in it – I just noted it was slow. So, I looked at the Windows performance thingy on both computers (the Windows 7 one is TouchSmart; the Vista one is Dell Studio):

w7info w7perf

vistainfo vistaperf

As you can see, the hard drive really makes the difference! So bottom line, I could get a 7200 rpm drive for the TouchSmart – but I likely won’t keep it. It doesn’t feel nearly as sturdy as the Dell Studio. In fact, the TouchSmart feels very “plastic” (like a toy) and very breakable!

So just from a computer perspective – I still would put the Dell Studio 15 as pretty much the best laptop you can buy, in my opinion!

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