The future is mind-blowing!

This is the Productivity Future Vision 2019 video that everyone is talking about:

The sick part is, all of what is in this video – is technology that exists today (albeit mostly at Microsoft Research). This kind of innovation, is pretty fun to see! To think, in our lifetimes – this will likely be common-place technology is just mind-blowing.

Something that comes to mind too is Moore’s Law – which describes how computing power doubles every 18-24 months. Think about that for a minute. Imagine your crazy-fast quad core with 8GB of RAM.. now picture in 2 years, computers will be twice as fast. I mean, that was amazing through the 90’s and into the 2000’s, but computers are becoming seriously powerful, so Moore’s Law tends to have a much bigger impact now.

When i was watching that video – and to see how fast something like that photograph downloaded to that “digital newspaper”, the first thing I thought was “wouldn’t you expect to see a ‘Downloading…’ progress bar?”. But it 10 years. I imagine progress bars will be a thing of the past too!

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