Pex for unit testing – why you need to check this out!!

We all know unit testing is a great idea in concept, but up until recently – it required quite a bit of discipline on behalf of the developer and some committment from the project team. This is because all unit testing had to be written by hand.
Well in walked Visual Studio 2008 Professional, which includes unit test generation for the masses – which is a huge step in the right direction, but it still does require the developer to do some coding (but not a lot).
Well, enter Pex. This is a white-box unit testing plug-in for Visual Studio that is nothing short of fantastic! This will not only generate unit tests, but looks at the logic of the member, and tries to specifically make unit tests that will give you more code coverage!! Yes, this really does exist – and it’s FREE, no less!! You should check it out today:
PEX – from Microsoft Research:
PEX search on MSDN (there’s been a bit written up on it here):
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