I’m an MCP again!

In the olden days, I pursued getting my MCSE (in the .NET 3.51/4.0 days) – and I completed all but one exam, that I kept failing. They had a test for TCP/IP where you had to do the binary math for figuring out subnet masks – and still to this day, I still can’t do that off the top of my head!! Well, other things came up and I never did loop back around to that last test – and that was that.
Meanwhile, like 10 years later, now that I’m more an architect and developer – I have a new professional path. Here’s my plan. I am pursuing the MCPD:Enterprise certification. I passed the 70-528 exam a few days ago, which makes me an MCP. Next up is 70-536 – which will make me an MCTS. I haven’t scheduled the exam date – but I’m planning for around 2-3 weeks from now. Then, 70-549 will make me an MCPD:Web. Then just 70-526 and 70-529 and I’ll be an MCPD:Enterprise.
So that’s the plan in the next few months – hopefully. But further down the line, I’m interested in getting my MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer. That would open up some options for me, career-wise – and that seems to be the best fit for what I like to do, mentor and teach. Well, aside from just programming.
The MCT and Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) are both a little bit odd – they aren’t based on exams, but based on specific experience. With the MCT, you have already have been a professional instructor or have passed a teach-the-teacher type class, and been evaluated on your presentation skills. For MCA, you go in front of a board of other MCA’s and they test you in a bunch of ways and research your past – pretty unusual, but interesting.
Anyhow – so "yay" for me, I passed my first exam, hopefully I’ll be able to knock out the 2nd one in the next couple of weeks!
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