The technology behind CNN – Part II

So I did hear back from CNN – although they didn’t give a lot of detail, they gave me some basic info.
The "magic wall" or "smart wall" they use – is right from the original inventor, as it turns out. Remember that guy Jeff Han who went to the TED conference a couple of years ago? From that – Microsoft either licensed or copied his idea to make Microsoft Surface (and then the spinoff "Sphere", from that!).
Well the original inventor has been selling his own version via (check out the video on the main page, VERY cool!!). After doing some other research – apperently the hardware and the software go for something like $100K or so. No info on an SDK or what technologies it supports. Hmm.
Also, I wonder what they use for all their other presentation graphics. A gaming engine? Or just Flex stuff that runs off of scripts on when to animate? I wonder…
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