The technology behind CNN – Conclusion

Ok – I’ll stop talking about CNN after this post, I swear!! But I was watching it earlier and Wolf Blitzer interviewed David Bohrman, a senior VP at CNN they brough on last year – and he’s apperently behind all the multi-touch "smart screen" and the "hologram" they did the other day. He’s in mgmt, but apperently he’s also pretty geeky.
So my bottom line on all of this – is it’s so refreshing to see a company embrace technology AND see such an obvious gain/reward for doing so! CNN was the highest rated show last night during the election between 7pm and 12am – including the old crusty networks like NBC, ABC, etc. I’m just saying that senior management at every company should look to this guy for inspiration. This is a very vivid example of how leveraging technology to better your business (whatever it may be) – can be very profitable (and interesting!)
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