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Emotiv EPOC:
So it’s been a while. Been super busy. Although I took off a couple of days and am/have been getting caught up on a ton of things! First, are you familiar with Emotiv? They have a headset – that picks up brainwaves when you "try" to do things. It turns that into signals – and uses those signals to "do stuff". Pretty cool! I saw their EPOC device on the TV show Prototype This, which is kind of like an even more idiotic version of Smash Lab. Both of those shows have huge potential – but flesh out, completely idiotic ideas. For example – the episode the other day for Prototype This, they wanted to use the Emotiv head device to turn off a car, if the driver started getting angry. What? First – that’s a super-dangerous idea – as there are lots of places one shouldn’t pull over (bridge, muddy/flood conditions, etc) – and secondly, wouldn’t that make the driver even more furious? Who would buy this? The ENTIRE idea is just idiotic.

ANYhow – the EPOC headset though, is VERY interesting. I first ran across that a few months ago on some other technology show on TLC or Discovery. So, after going to their website – I found out the headsets will be ~$299 and they already have an SDK for it. I saw from that Prototype This show, that they were using Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 (and C++) – so there is at least some basic connectivity available. So I did reserve mine and download the SDK. I’ll report back up here when I’ve had a chance to check it out!

New hardware inbound! Part I – Dell Studio
My main workstation is really just a Dell Inspiron 1705, dual core with 4GB – that I have docked all the time. I use a separate monitor/key/mouse to operate it – and run Vista Ultimate 64-bit. That is all well and fine, but I have regular issues with the Firewire controller and my music stuff. Plus, this isn’t the fastest machine in the world – especially with SQL Express installed and when I do development work.

So, I was looking to see what was around for desktops nowadays. I can’t believe the hardware you can get nowadays! I ended going to Dell and getting a Studio Mini. It’s Core 2 Quad-core 1.4GHz with 8GB of RAM -AND- a 24-inch widescreen monitor for around $1,200!! So that should be pretty snappy, solve my firewire issues – then I’ll throw that laptop up on EBay. That should be coming in the next days…

New hardware inbound! Part II – Dell Mini 9
Then – earlier today, I was talking with my manager and he was telling me about the Dell Mini. This is a mini laptop that Dell has. It’s actually very cool – and I have a specific plan for how I might use this. It’s basically a tiny laptop (~9" screen) – and runs a solid state hard drive and has like a GB of RAM – and best of all they are pretty cheap!! Around $399

So for me, I like having a laptop in the living room for sending/checking e-mails, looking stuff up on the web, if I just learned of something on TV, etc. So, because everything is routed through my home theater and comes out the projector, my plan is to hook this mini laptop to that, so I could just flip over to "computer" on my home theater and have access to a PC. But wait, what about keyboard/mouse?? Ah-ha!! that’s next…

New hardware inbound! Part III – diNovo Mini Keyboard
Now this – was born to do what I want!! The Dell Mini has a built-in Bluetooth adapter. This mini keyboard is a handheld keyboard (you type – kind of like a Blackberry, except this is a little bigger) – and it has a "mouse" and is rechargeable LiIon battery! So imagine from your couch, you switch over the "computer", and pick up this wireless self-contained keyboard that is a little bigger than your hand – and can operate the computer on the projector? Seems like it should work – and should be pretty cool!

The mini laptop and this keyboard should be in sometime next week. I’ll post back with my opinion and we’ll see how much of this actually worked the way the planned!!

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