Google Chrome

As you may have heard, Google is trying to start a browser war again and released it’s new "Chrome" web browser!

I downloaded it from here:

And I gotta say, I’m REALLY impressed. I happened to download IE8 the other day too. IE8 (even though it’s in beta 2) seems to be pretty buggy. It keeps losing my cookies and browsing history. Although it does have a couple of new features, which is cool.

But enough about that – let’s talk about Google Chrome!! This is just a fantastic example of innovation, in my opinion. This is clearly a product where a bunch of people sat around a room and brainstormed and thought "outside of the box", and it shows!!!

Here is a quick page of videos that show some of the features:

But more than anything – it feels very intuitive and it’s VERY fast and very stable. Color me impressed and call me a fan!!

EDIT: Actually, I just tried to save this blog post using Chrome and A) it didn’t have the editing controls at ALL that this usually has and B) it totally messed up the formatting!! So although many parts of Chrome are VERY cool, perhaps it isn’t quite ready for prime time?? 🙂

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