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So I talked about how I took my 2 x XEON dual core/8GB box and installed Windows 2008 on it and I was going to use that as my sole server. But I wasn’t really comfortable with that, because if that server breaks – everything is broken (DNS, DHCP, my main file share, etc). So I was looking on EBay for another 64-bit machine for my failover. Meanwhile, one of my old machines was still sitting down in the rack, powered off. It’s a Pentium D dual core with 4GB of RAM. I discounted it because I thought it was 32-bit. But I powered it up and sure enough, it is a 64-bit processor! I didn’t look at this before, because all I had was the media for 32-bit Windows 2003, which is what it was running before.
So, I’m in the process now of installing Windows 2008 Server (64-bit) on it and I’ll bring that up as the back domain controller (backup DNS and backup DHCP). Then – the whole reason behind this too, is I wanted to get SQL Server 2008 installed on at least one of these servers. I think I’ll use the XEON server as the primary still and for virtualization and then use this other Dell PowerEdge solely as a backup for everything.
Meanwhile, I have other good stuff queued up – I’m going to really try to get some posts done up here this weekend (but we’ll see how that goes!!)
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