Common Log File System (CLFS)

It’s amazing that I still learn several new things, everyday! In Vista and Windows Server 2003 and later, there is a new concept called Common Log File System (CLFS) that is available at the OS level. It is a logging subsystem that can be leveraged by many applications and supports a lot of cool features, specifically around what youd need for logging (throttling, thread-safety, pruning, aging, etc).

Whats even more interesting is I just learned the ..dll to support it shipped with .NET 3.0. I thought I knew all the ..dlls but I never noticed this one: System.IO.Log.dll within this namespace, there are several classes for interacting with the subsystem. But again, CLFS is only available in Vista and later so Im not sure what would happen if you tried to use it from XP.

More info:
How to use it:

I dont necessarily think this replaces any current strategies for logging with desktop apps that you may have (assuming you are using Log4Net or Enterprise Library) but maybe? Because the CLFS supports automatically pruning or dealing with file management, maybe it would be a good idea to write an Ent Lib tracelistener to leverage it for local file writing. I never heard of this until today, but thought this was interesting!

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