I recently got a Zune 80GB. I gotta say – I really, really like it!! I have it jacked into my stereo in my home office during the day, then I take it out to my truck and plug it into the "Line in" jack there. So that’s all well and fine – but then, as I’ve been getting more familiar with the Zune Marketplace, I ran across the podcasts.
What is a podcast? Well, if you’re like me – you made some assumptions. Podcasting is just some silly iApple iBuzzword for iMp3 iFiles… well, iProbably. Turns out, kind of, but not-so-much. A podcast is either .mp3 (audio) or .mp4 (audio/video) and what makes something a podcast is the notion of "subscribing" to a series of audio or audio/video updates, put out by someone.
So – kind of like RSS, except for multimedia?? Exactly! That was a great guess!! And that’s actually how it’s done. To officially be considered a Podcast, you would have an RSS feed that publishes when you have new content. This way, podcatchers (software that supports reading these feeds and updating devices) – can know when new content is available.
Well, surely there must be some special format? How would a Podcatcher know that this is for multimedia files and not some text-based RSS feed? Turns out, it’s relatively simple. Here is the format that you’d need for your RSS feed (the magic happens with the <enclosure> element):

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<rss version="2.0">


    <title>Rob Seder Podcasts</title>


    <description>Description goes here</description>


    <copyright>Copyright ©2008, Rob Seder</copyright>

    <lastBuildDate>Sat, 24 May 2008 01:06:16 GMT</lastBuildDate>





      <title>How to make a podcast</title>

      <description>Description for this specific podcast goes here</description>

      <pubDate>Sat, 24 May 2008 01:06:16 GMT</pubDate>

      <enclosure url="http://somewebsite.com/somefile.mp3" length="10239" type="audio/mpeg"/>




I wanted to start whipping up some videos using CommunityClips – and I would like to use that as an excuse to do those as a Podcast. So if/when I get around to that, I will publish the Podcast link here – and supply the code for how I did it.
I mean, you can have someone else do it – like http://www.blogger.com/ (free) or http://www.hipcast.com/ (costs money), but why not just write the code yourself!
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