Presentations and screencasts

This isn’t much more than a repost of what Allan has already said – since I am totally onboard with these same tools. Here are some must-haves:
Microsoft OneNote 2007: this is a very powerful tool for organizing "stuff", be it for a research paper of if you are in the technology business and would like to organize code snippets, samples and links. I think of OneNote as kind of like the external version of my brain – it’s a must-have for developers, in my opinion.
Microsoft LiveWriter: this is a free tool for posting blog posts. It’s very easy, supports several different blog server types and has everything you could want in one such tool!
Microsoft OfficeLabs Community Clips: this is a free tool that let’s you create your own screencasts, very effortlessly – and let’s you post them up on SoapBox (
Microsoft ZoomIt: this is a free, really clever presentation tool that let’s you quickly zoom in on parts of your screen, then highlight, draw or type text – then go back to the normal view. This is obviously useful in a presentation setting or for a screencast. To go in (CTRL+1) and out (ESC) of zoom mode is easy. This is a really simple, but great little tool!
OneNote costs $72 – although you can get it cheap if you are getting Office Home anyways – $98!
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