I have two words for domains.live.com: wow.

It’s really quite amazing the cool stuff that gets spewed out of Microsoft constantly!! I ran across http://domains.live.com a few days ago and what I was reading, became quite interesting. So, I tried it out on an "extra" domain I have, and voila – it did everything it was supposed to and is VERY painless.
So what does it do?
Well, it offers the underlying applications at live.com to be used with your @domain.com domain account. Well, specifically – you create a Live-type account, but use your domain instead. What this gives you is a handful of cool (and free!) things!
  • 5GB e-mail storage
  • 10MB per e-mail limit
  • Live/Hotmail webmail interface
  • Connect with Live Mail or Outlook 2003/2007 with this free connector.
  • Use Live Messenger with your domain account
  • Use any other Live feature (like spaces, skydrive, etc)

So in other words, it gives you all the underlying services from Live.com, but with your domain account. I found this to be a much better solution than what my webhost offers for e-mail. Don’t get me wrong, they have a decent solution – but they certainly don’t offer 5GB of disk space for each e-mail account, no webhost does!! So, I switched over a couple of other domains already.

There is one "gotcha" on this. You really do have to own your own DNS servers. You have to add an MX, TEXT and SRV record to your DNS. If you manage your DNS entries through something like Network Solutions or your webhost, they usually only let you add/modify A and CNAME records. So you will have to be able to add these special records – so you would need access (or tech support, if it’s hosted) to do it.

Aside from that – I find this to be a very, very nice and complete solution for non-work e-mail or e-mail for small businesses even.

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