Recommendation for home VPN

Man-alive, I feel like I’m falling behind – I have a TON of content I’d like to blog about but I struggle with finding the time. So I am trying to make an effort to keep on a schedule, so I can get some of this stuff written down!
One big topic was that I needed a VPN solution for home, for a few reasons. I went from static DSL to static cable for Internet, as I already discussed. Well I had a Netopia 3345-ENT which was all telnet-based and had like DOZENS of screens you had to go into – it was a bear to setup, seriously! The new router that came from Comcast is web-based and is super-duper easy to use. I was up and running with everything that I needed in around 3 hours (including reading how to do it).
So anyhow, my business partner needs access to some file shares here and Comcast explicitly blocks the related ports – plus I wanted to have some connectivity for projects I’m working on with my brother. So I decided to look into where VPN technology is nowadays. Last I checked, Linksys "supports" VPN, but for anyone who has ever tried, knows that was nothing more than a joke!
So after some research, I ended up getting a SonicWALL SSL-VPN 200 VPN Gateway and could not be happier! It’s super easy to setup. For the client, you can either install the fat-client – or initiate the connection via a browser and it loads an ActiveX control! In either case, you put in the VPN server name, and your credentials and you’re in! The appliance is actually pretty straight-forward to configure too – like you can set up DHCP, static routes, and limit specifically, what an inbound person can see on the internal network. It’s VERY flexible, easy to setup and the client is easy to use. This is hands-down, the way to go if you need a home VPN solution – it’s all in one box!
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