Microsoft OneNote

I apperently have been living under a rock. I’ve heard of OneNote and have heard people talk about and even say good things about it, but I had no idea!!
I’ve heard that it was some sort of research tool. It is, but it’s soo much more! It’s like an external add-on for your brain, to organize "stuff". It’s one of the most intuitive and powerful programs I’ve ever used. I did nothing more than download the (60-day?) trial from here:
Then, after install – I just started reading what was right in front of me on the first page. It’s very intuitive, powerful and easy to use. You have these "notebook" tabs on the left (you create as many as you want); then you have "sections" as tabs along the top (as many as you want) that represent sections in the notebook; then you have "pages" as tabs along the right (as many as you want) that represent pages within a section, within a notebook. On any "page", you can either click anywhere and start typing – that text block then is draggable. You can put screenshots in, content from websites, pictures, etc, etc.. You then organize each "page" just by dragging content wherever you like. It fully integrates into Outlook too. I’m not doing it justice here, seriously, go download it today and see for yourself.
If you have absolutely any need to organize anything electronically – this is the end of the line!! For me personally/professionally – I have tons of e-mails and sample code all over the place on new stuff like WCF, WPF, WF, Linq, etc – and I plan to use this to at least, organize professional development and notes (and sample code)!
A new OneNote fan!
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