CNN’s “Situation Room” – technology

I was watching the election stuff on CNN tonight. I continue to be nothing short of blown away at how CNN has embraced such very cool technology! They are surrounded on all sides with floor-to-ceiling projections – and best of all is the touchscreen app they they have on the 50" plasmas that let the reporter zoom in and zoom out into states and counties, etc. I’m just so impressed at A) what an affect that has and B) that they understand the value of investing in technology and clearly put themselves in another league by doing it!!
Does ANYone have any idea what technology they use??? I have researched on the web a few times and didn’t find much. I mean, I could of course assume they are using Silverlight or WPF :-), but then again – I think they’ve had this technology for a year or more. I wonder if it’s just a gaming engine behind the scenes?? That would make the most sense, because I’ve also seen a lot of 3D stuff that they’ve done and they already do a lot of 3D graphics already for all the big screens.
If anyone has any information on the technology behind that setup, I’d really love to know – please drop me an e-mail!!
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