The end of DSL? My thoughts on broadband internet

So I currently have AT&T ADSL. In the olden days it used to be that with cable internet, you were sharing the bandwidth with the rest of your street, where DSL you had a dedicated circuit to the phone company. Then, DSL and cable went back and forth with who had the higher speeds. Cable also quelled that other issue by not allowing more than 20 customers per node, so you "always get the advertised speed".
Then, cable went nuts and started offering 5-10mbps, compared the DSL which was still around 1mpbs. But I stuck with DSL, because I needed static IP addresses for some things that I host out of my house. Cable still didn’t offer that, so I stuck with DSL. Anyhow, as a rule, my DSL – which the phone company always says I have a "strong" signal, drops – at least once a day and will usually recover. Every month or so, I will lose internet for maybe an hour or two.
So last night, I lost internet for around 2 hours – waited on hold for about an hour of that. The first guy I talk to, asks me all the "are you sure your PC is plugged in?" questions. I spend about 15 minutes trying to appease him, he finally sends me to 2nd tier and sure enough – within about 10 minutes, I’m back up. I was a problem with the hardware on their side.
So today, I called Comcast, my local provider. They don’t have static IP’s for residential customers, but they do for business. So I call those guys. Here’s the breakdown:
  • 3mbps/512kbps
  • 5 ip addresses
  • no hardware and self-setup
  • Price: $69/month
Comcast Business Broadband Internet
  • 6mbps/768kbps
  • 5 ip addresses
  • Includes free hardware, waived setup fee, THEY actually install everything
  • PLUS I get "business level" support, which means things like same-day visits from a tech, in the event of an outage.
  • Price: $69/month.
So for the same money, I can get twice the bandwidth, better support and all for the same money. Needless to say, I ordered it. So, what IS the advantage of DSL nowadays? Or, has DSL sort of run it’s course??
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