The laws of simplicity

So I got this book: The Laws of Simplicity. My interest was first piqued on this topic when I read Design of Everyday Things and Psychology of Everyday Things. The concept that there is some structure to how we perceive things is very interesting to me. In the Laws of Simplicity book, there are a lot of common-sense, yet brilliant eye-opening things the author brings up. It applies to the design of a physical interface, software/UI interface and even how you present a topic in a marketing plan. This was another one of those life-changing kinds of books for me, that got me thinking in another dimension.

The also have a website that goes along with the concepts: – although the website doesn’t do the book justice. If you were to just read the 10 laws without any context, I would imagine that wouldn’t be all that meaningful. So, I would recommend getting the book. It’s really a GREAT read!!

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