SQL Server marketing

I just happened to see the front page for SQL Server:
The top graphic said something "SQL Server is more secure than Oracle" (it changes like a banner ad every time you refresh). So, I clicked for more details, and found all these bullet points very interesting!! I know lots of people don’t take SQL seriously and that if you need a "real database", then you use Oracle, but I have seen that culture change over the years. It now looks like after SQL has focused on thoroughly penetrating the market, they are now well-poised to take on Oracle toe-to-toe for the role of "real database"! Here are the bullet points from that page, very interesting stuff!!

Microsoft is positioned in Leaders Quadrant for Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems, 2007

SQL Server is the fastest growing Database and Business Intelligence vendor

SQL Server ships more units than Oracle and IBM combined

SQL Server is the #1 OLAP Server on the market

SQL Server is more secure than Oracle. Since July 2003 more than 100 critical Oracle database security vulnerabilities have been identified, compared to ZERO for SQL Server for that period.

SQL Server is best in price/performance for TPC-H 1TB & 3TB (non-clustered).

Microsoft SQL Server and Unisys are the first to publish TPC-E benchmark results.

Gartner 2006 worldwide RDBMS market share reports highest growth rate in market share for Microsoft SQL Server. With 28% growth in market share, growth is almost twice the nearest competitor at 14.8% growth.

SQL Server still number 1 in databases. 74.7 percent of enterprises are using SQL Server, while 54.5 percent are using Oracle databases.

SQL Server Manages the World’s Largest Databases

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